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What is Seafoam Candy?

So first, there is no actual Seafoam in our candy, Phew!  It gets that name from the airy appearance to the candy and the melt in your mouth texture after the initial crunch. Seafoam Candy actually goes by several names depending on your region.  Some call it Sponge Candy, Honeycomb Candy, Fairy Food, Cinder Toffee and more.  Seafoam Candy is a sweet treat that provides plenty of texture and plenty of flavor from caramelized sugar and organic molasses, and then it is traditionally covered in chocolate.

Often it is covered in a Milk Chocolate but we have found that a darker, semi-sweet chocolate provides a perfect balance to the super sweet inside.  We make sure that our chocolate isn't too thin or too thick.  Also our chocolate is a high quality Ultra Couverture and made in the USA.  Not only that but in the words of our chocolate vendor, "None of our products are being sourced from places with child slavery or labor issues and never will be. We know we aren’t the least expensive source for chocolate… when you take the high road, things are a tad more expensive, but, at least we can all sleep at night.
with the beans only being sourced from countries that do not use child slavery."  That is a company we can team with!

After perfecting our recipe we began to ask, "how can we take this to the next level?"  Is it possible to make it even better.  Our answer....flavors!  We have come up with a list of growing and changing flavors that add even more flavor to the candy without totally taking away from that original, Seafoam flavor.  You will have to try them all to see which ones are your favorite.  New flavors will be added often.