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Welcome to the Seafoam Candy Company!  We are so glad that your found our site and the delicious treats we can't wait for you to try.  Our business started in the kitchen at our home in an attempt to relive a favorite candy growing up - Seafoam Candy.  This unique candy was simply hard to find and when we did find it, it didn't measure up to our memories.  So we worked on some recipes, searched for great ingredients and arrived at something we love and love to share.  The core of our company is our Seafoam Candy with a little twist....flavors.  Yes, flavored Seafoam Candy.  You just have to try it!!  We are working on adding other great products as well that fit with who we are as a company.

Our commitment is to create artisan, hand made candies using only all natural and organic ingredients that will delight your tongue and often evoke recollections of fond memories.  

Our company is based in Traverse City, MI which was has been named in more "top ten lists" than we can keep track of including best small town, best foodie town, top beer destination, best summer trip, top wine region to watch, and many more.  You will have to pay us a visit as soon as you can.  We are surrounded by beauty on both land and water!

Our team is made of:

Mary Carlson (owner, creator and goddess of the kitchen)
Dan Carlson (owner, operations, sales, branding, creative and a bunch of other stuff)